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vFax 500

 Virtual Fax Only

Fax 1000


Fax 2500


Fax 3500


  • Fax by Email Send a fax quickly via email by attaching a file, just as you would to send an email

  • Fax Machine Support Using our Fax Adapter, you can use your current fax machine to send and receive paper fax messages

  • Most File Types Accepted Image (TIFF, GIF, etc.), Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Microsoft Office, Printer & Text File Formats

  • Always On, Never Busy No dialing means no busy signals; we send faxes over the Internet and store every fax

  • Fax with Mobile Device Send and receive faxes instantly with your mobile phone using the email function

  • Access Fax Anywhere Faxes are stored electronically and emailed to you, so you can access them online anywhere

  • Number Transfer you can keep your fax number and we can transfer it to your ProxyFone Fax account

  • No PC Required Even if you are away from your PC or it is turned off

  • Online Portal Check your account activity, status or retrieve back-up, with the Fax online portal


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