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ProxyFone provides its clients the best knowledge and expertise in network planning and business telephony. ProxyFone helps two types of customers:

1. customers interesting in complete solution due to the replacement of telephony systems, communications networks, upgrade remote branches and extensions, changing business perception in relation to customers, including a change in customer service and professionalism.

2. Customers who want to receive “unique solution”, i.e. to perform migrations from Legacy analog system into an integrated system, or implement IVR solution, add dialers and CRM systems integrate with CTI systems, or to implement any other solution from the solutions of ProxyFone. As such, clients usually want to preserve past investments and new installations are constructed as an addition to an existing system.

Each customer can choose between solution “Of The Shelf” from the list of solutions ProxyFone have to offer, or “tailored” solution, where the solution was built for a customer in a unique way. Open source solutions in the field of Unified Communications bring competitive and economic benefit to businesses and organizations. A system of Unified communication based Linux saves the Organization more than 60% of the investment costs in telecommunications and 80% what TCO compared to proprietary IP solutions.

The consultation process is system analysis and design needs. Among other things, the existing infrastructure is being reviewed with the customer and adapting them to new facilities (including PoE, networks, ability to transition to visualization). The client applications are available for the development and installation tailored to his needs. Every project receives the client project manager and receive an offer with a clear application.



ProxyFone performs for customers, who receive a total solution or a unique solution tailored to the needs of the individual planning applications, which are offered in order to meet the needs. The customer can obtain from ProxyFone all required from IP PBX solutions, IVR, dialers, recordings, software solutions tailored to size “, in cloud services and Billing. ProxyFone is for the customer “One Stop Shop”, all needs can receive full replies in one envelope and principal project.
Customers wishing to migrate from the old PRI connections to SIP Trunk to receive special consideration in the planning stages. So, change the structure of the business network and the PSTN telephony and Data network. The plan includes examining the network change and decision making regarding broadband widths and levels of durability are required, in order to enable the delivery of voice services and video on the Web, at the level of quality expected.
In ProxyFone write software solutions in any language as appropriate and tailored to the client, focusing on open source solutions. The most important step in planning your solution is a careful examination of the hardware and infrastructure already exist on the client location. Each client is executed “site survey”, which includes checking all systems, and network locations, and future growth needs. These data are derived from the detailed planning and execution.

According to a study published in early 2011 by Gartner, over half of the organizations in the world have adopted open source solutions (OSS) – as part of your IT strategy. According to Gartner, in five years (until 2011) there is an increase in the use of open source solutions in the enterprise, 10% of the total number of solutions in organizations in 2005 to 30% in 2012. According to Gartner, the main reason for open source adoption in organizations is gaining a competitive edge in the market. ProxyFone sees itself as a leader in this field in US and providing open source solutions for organizations large and small.


Each client receives training includes all who came in contact or operate the new system installed. In addition to manual (Manual). It should be noted that all the solutions are with user friendly menus and easy to operate. Hence, the processes of training and deployment on the client are short and simple.

Support and implementation

“Poll” of ProxyFone, is in the planning stage, serve as a basis for implementing the right solution for the customer. The customer receives his product that he can manage it himself, or to receive a service at ProxyFone.

Almost all the support of ProxyFone is done remotely, via a secure and encrypted system. The support is due to the client’s request can be made by e-mail, telephone, fax, and text message or in any way he chooses. On ProxyFone there is a computerized management of tickets with full tracking after all. In addition, there is in ProxyFone a computerized client management integrated with CRM system to manage all customer-related information, including malfunctions and meeting all needs.
The system installed at the remote client is monitored automatically and regularly, and a monthly frequency in ProxyFone for durability. The customer is alerted if faults are discovered on whim, and in every way possible communication: SMS, email or telephone. It is part of the SLA to customer choice.


ProxyFone has acquired extensive experience in the integration of large and small projects for its clients. ProxyFone places in front of each project, project manager level professional engineer, who knows how to give you everything you need. The most prominent feature in ProxyFone, projects it executes it flexibility: listening to customers ‘ needs and providing a fast, efficient response and versatile (and at a competitive price) for any problem or need. Functionality and flexibility of ProxyFone systems allow a fast solution for solving a problem.

The customer can receive all necessary; even it was created during the course of installation and deployment. For example: a client wants to connect its employees who use cellphones to smart operator, installed using an application like Skype, Google, or any other application. The customer can add extensions as they please, as long as the current hardware supports it. To ProxyFone, the client will feel “who to trust and who to talk to.”



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